Slave to the Party

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What makes you get up in the morning?

Maybe it’s time, Time for us to see, Open our hearts to the true change we need. - From Maybe It's Time

Every once in a while, Josh Gillespie wakes up and decides to change something about his life. Not just something small either. Sometimes it's radical like moving half way across the country, deciding to marry the girl after the second date, designing his own couch-to-half-marathon program. In 2020, he made an album. Building on a lifelong obsession of playing music he finally put himself on the spot and even learned how to play the bass. His mind was mind blown by short sparks of pure inspiration during the long, hard hours. Along the way he changed his mind about issues, his space, and his reason for getting up in the morning. His hope for “Make Something Happen Here” is that you find a soundtrack for your own wild ride through life.