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Remains of Time

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Vocal: Josh Gillespie
Guitar: Josh Gillespie/Tim Beeler
Bass: Josh Gillespie
Drums: Justin Gillespie

Produced by Jon Gillespie and Josh Gillespie
Engineered and Mixed by Jon Gillespie
Recording Engineer: Jon Gillespie
Mastering Engineer: Jon Gillespie
Recorded at The Cloister

(C) 2021, Josh Gillespie and Josh Gillespie Music, All Rights Reserved


You asked me
What time is made of,
I shook my head and I don’t know
Science may
Have all the answers
But no way to make the pace slow down
But you made me wonder
What time is made of

You told me
What time is made of
Steeled your gaze and looked away
You said time is made of waiting
And that's all that you would say
You would say

Could time
Be made of
Broken glass, over which I crawl
Or is it
A feather bed,
There to break my fall
There to break my fall

In my mind,
An answer's forming
Time is made of precious stones
Or candlelight
That flickers out
And memory is all that's left for us.
Now it's all that I have left.
Memories are the remains of time
The remains of time
The remains of time