The Political Nomad with Josh Gillespie Episode 9 feat. Jayvie Arellano – Part 1

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Before I launched my first show, I was talking with a number of people who I wanted to have on the show as  well as getting their suggestions for potential guests. Out of those conversations came one of my previous guests, Corey Hall. One of the others was Jayvie Arellano. He was a big time suggestion.

Now, I’m friends with Jayvie on Facebook and we used to hang around many of the same political convention and online social circles, but this episode was the first time that I got a chance to sit down and really talk with him and get to know him.

Jayvie is originally from the Philippines and moved to the United States just days before he turned 21. His early political leanings were shaped by the likes of The National Review, Rush Limbaugh and the Heritage Foundation. However, more recently, he’s taken a more pragmatic approach to politics after seeing the GOP squander its chances to achieve political success when they’ve controlled all or most branches of government. That doesn’t mean he’s switched parties or even left the GOP. There is so much more to Jayvie and this week he shares his story and so much more in part 1 of our conversation. 

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