The Political Nomad with Josh Gillespie Episode 5 feat. Corey Hall

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I really enjoyed recording this episode! I know I’m supposed to say that about all of my episodes. It’s true, I do enjoy all of them, but there was something different about this one.

Corey Hall is someone you can meet for the first time and at the end of the conversation feel like you’ve been friends for ages. That was my experience with Corey. Some of you may know him. Some may not. I didn’t before this show, but when I heard his story of his political journey I recognized that others should hear it too because their story could be similar.

Corey was raised in a Democrat family, from a Democrat learning state, but eventually his politics shifted. He’s voted for the last few GOP presidential candidates, but held his breath and his vote in 2016. Now, he’s tired of what he’s seeing and feels compelled to vote against his way of thought from 2016. How did he get here? Maybe this is something that sounds similar to you because you feel the same way. 

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