The Political Nomad with Josh Gillespie Episode 3 feat. Holly Davis

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My guest is this episode is Holly Davis. I’ve known Holly for almost 15 years. Holly has a fascinating background that has taken her from State Senate intern to running some of the more influential political organizations in Indiana. She’s also criss-crossed this country – literally – working in (in order mind you) Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Seattle Washington, Austin Texas and back to Indiana.

During her cross country travels I have seen a change in Holly. She has always been a strong advocate for woman’s rights – especially championing them in a male dominated political climate in Indiana – but as a mother of three daughters I have see her compassion for many considered down trodden grow over the years often questioning what she considered her own party’s stance on certain issues. But first and foremost, she has been a strong and vocal advocate for women.

I consider Holly a friend and I’m glad she is able to be my guest on this episode. This was a fun show to record and even better to catch up with Holly. 

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