The Political Nomad with Josh Gillespie Episode 16 feat. Sarah Quinlan

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Sarah Quinlan is conservative, pro-life and a feminist. How does that all work? This week on The Political Nomad Sarah turns stereotypical views on their heads.

Sarah Quinlan has been a lifelong proponent of limited government and viewed the Republican Party as the best vehicle for promoting these beliefs. So she aligned herself with the GOP and voted for the Republican candidate on the ballot in every election until 2016. But that election, like for many of us, marked a watershed moment for her. She has stated that during that election cycle “I realized I could not rely on others to defend and advocate on behalf of the principles I so strongly believe in. Like maybe some of you Sarah felt politically homeless. This led her to start writing. She began writing for the Buckley Club, became a front-page contributor for RedState in early 2018, and later joined Arc Digital as a columnist. She’s also been published at National Review, the Bulwark, and USA TODAY. Sarah has written prolifically and has touched on topics such as being politically homeless, the plight of women in Trump’s GOP, how feminism connects to the pro-life movement and conservatism as a whole and more topically recent, why Juneteenth should be considered a national holiday.

Sarah lives in Virginia, where she works on behalf of free expression and tolerance; She met her husband on twitter; played Division 1 college soccer; and, to the delight of my 11 year old daughter, she’s been in a Taylor Swift music video (for all of a half second).

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