The Political Nomad with Josh Gillespie Episode 15 feat. Mary Anna Mancuso

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This week I’m excited to have Mary Anna Mancuso as my guest on The Political Nomad.

Mary Anna is the founder of a blog that focuses on Florida and National politics from a Millennial perspective. She’s also a media strategist. Now, before you get on my case for having another political insider on the show I think we need to realize that in the political climate of the last four years, a different breed of consultant has arisen. Now if you read Mary Anna’s bio, you’d think that she’s just another red meat Republican. But if you knew my resume, you’d think the same thing, yet here were are and I’m hosting a podcast trying to broaden the political conversation. I think that’s where Mary Anna is too. That said, her experience is very impressive. She’s worked on Lindsey Graham’s presidential campaign as a social media strategist and made her mark in Florida politics while working the reelection campaign for Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater in 2014 and serving as Deputy Communications Director for Congressman Connie Mack’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2012. She’s also a veteran talking head of national tv and radio.

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