The Cloister Sessions

This past Sunday I did, what I hope is just the first of many, Facebook/Instagram live session previewing songs that will likely appear on my upcoming debut album. I’m calling these “Cloister Sessions”. Part of it is because I think people are getting a little tired of the term “quarantine”. The other part of it is as an homage to my cousin Jon Gillespie who has his own studio where I’m recording my album called “The Cloister”.

In the inaugural Cloister Session, I played six songs and provided a little background on some of the song. If you missed it, I’m going to post it below along with the playlist right after that. Let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments and if you’d like to see more of these. I may even do a cover session in the future. 

Song order:

  1. Remains of Time
  2. Souvenirs of War
  3. Another Story
  4. Secondhand Savior
  5. Maybe It’s Time
  6. 116
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