Secondhand Savior

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will know that, in addition to running the podcast, I am part of band and I’m working on solo album due to come out later this year. This has been a lifelong goal. It’s only been in the 9 months that I feel like I’ve been able to “find my voice”, as they say, in the way of concepts. I’ve had the music for a while. The music usually come first. However, lyrics have started to form. around concepts. All that is to say, while I was not present, drums tracks were put down in Nashville, Tennessee this week by my brother and back home, while sheltering in place, lyrics to a song that will likely end up on the album came to be. 

I’ve had the concept and the music for Secondhand Savior for a while. Originally it was a song about a politician and their faith, but I decided against that. Then it became a song about who and what we place our faith in, me included. That said, depending on how you listen to it, it could have a couple of other different meanings. I guess that’s the good thing about music. Song can be fluid in their meaning. 

Anyway, here is an acoustic demo of my song Secondhand Savior. And I hope you subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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