In Case You Missed It – Two Shows and Two Videos

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It was a big week for the podcast! There was a double shot of episodes. The first included my friend and my favorite real American Nomad, Holly Davis. She has lived all over this great country and seemingly every place she has lived has had some impact into shaping who she she has become and how she views the world. It was fun to catch up with her. You can listen here or if you prefer the video format, watch the video below.

My bonus show was a real fun one! I got to talk with Matt K. Lewis who is a journalist for the The Daily Beast, a regular political commentator on CNN and is also an author. He also has his own podcast, Matt Lewis and the News, which is a definite must listen.  The video was choppy when we were recording so you can still view via Youtube, but it’s still going to be an audio podcast. Or you can listen to it here

Next week I’ll be returning to my once a week schedule when my guest will be Corey Hall. 

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