In Case You Missed It – The Week(s) on the Podcast

It’s been an incredible past couple of week’s on the podcast. I had my first two part show (spoiler alert – another one is on the horizon and what a journey it is!) as I got a chance to catch up with my friend and fellow podcaster, Chris Spangle. A lot has happened in the world of politics the last couple of weeks as well, especially as it relates to Libertarian politics. With the announcement of Justin Amash getting into the presidential race, Chris is someone who is definitely worth following as we watch how Amash’s candidacy unfolds within the Libertarian Party. 

All in all it was great to catch up with Chris and get his take on politics, podcasting and more importantly hear his political journey. Below are the links to the individual episodes. You can also choose to watch it. 

As usual, here’s a reminder to sign up for the newsletter. Music is a huge part of this podcast, but this week was different. Chris provided a wide variety of podcasts instead that help round out how he gets information. That complete list can be found in the link to Part 2 of our conversation. Also, be sure to subscribe to The Political Nomad on one of the podcast providers on the right.

Conversation with Chris Spangle – Part 1
Conversation with Chris Spangle – Part 2
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Chris Spangle on Twitter
We Are Libertarians on Twitter

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