In Case You Missed It – The Week on the Podcast

This week I got the chance to talk with my friend and former podcast co-host, Susie Moore. Susie was my co-host when I hosted a show called (creatively) “Gillespie” on It was a right of center political podcast that’s long since gone. When I left that show and Susie took over she started “Q with a View”. Her twitter handle is @SmoosieQ if you wondered where the Q came from. Her podcast has been on indefinite hiatus, but he hinted that there’s a chance it could come back during our conversation!

It was good to catch up with Susie, hear more about political journey and how she views politics during this crazy time.  Susie has always been a friend, she’s a great conversationalist and I hope to have her on the show again. You can listen to it here – or on any of the podcast platforms off to the side – or you can watch it below. 

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