A nomadic new start

Where do we go from here?

I signed off from my previous podcast over six years ago. It was December of 2013. I had previously started a job working for a state government agency, but felt it was wise to call it quits. If you followed me previously you know my background. If not, I’ll sum it up. I was a political lifer (currently a recovering politico). I had been congressional and state agency staff, worked campaigns and I had also launched a very successful conservative state based blog that gained national recognition. One of the highlights of my professional career was working the GOP National Convention in Tampa, Florida back in 2012. I’ve been in deep with politics – conservative and Republican leaning politics specifically – for pretty much my entire professional career.

But something was always different in the way I pursued it. I was usually attracted to the underdog. The candidate or member of congress people thought were either too difficult to work for or had no shot at winning. There were reasons for these descriptions, but I always tossed those aside and embraced the challenge. It was because they were different. They weren’t status quo. There was always something just a bit off about them. Somehow, that was appealing to me.

Fast forward to now and, hindsight being 20/20, I realized that those experiences were drawing me out to this point in life. The point that I feel politically homeless. I feel like a nomad. Those candidates, those officials….my website…it was all a way for me to mark my political identity. I thought I was a Republican and I wore that label well. But aspects of the party never jibed with me. The way I saw my faith being co-opted, the way I saw issues of racial injustice or reconciliation tossed aside and called communist or socialist…or worse, anti-American. Or how I could see a whole party hijacking a people of faith and making campaign promises on which they never intend to follow through. Or classifying climate science as hackneyed. Or imprisoning, belittling, degrading and making monsters of whole races of people who are simply trying to seek a better life, security and safety.

To my former GOP colleagues I would sound like a liberal. But I’m not. To my liberal friends, they may say I’m on the right path, but I’m not headed their way either.

If you’re a Christian you’re taught that God has called us, nay commanded us, to love the Lord thy God with all I thine heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. How does that translate to the above issues? How do we show love? We’re also commanded to take care of the planet we are given. Yet, to even discuss climate change in a serious and open way is mocked, ridiculed and laughed at.

These are issues I want to address in a conversational way with a brand new podcast called “The Political Nomad“. These – and more – are the issues that I have wrestled with and they have torn me away from a party that maybe I wasn’t that attached to in the first place. I want to discuss these issues in a way that drives towards a fresh perspective. That’s what this upcoming podcast will be about. You may be on a similar path. You may be questioning your political allegiance. Be that to the GOP or the Democrats…or even the Libertarians! You could be political nomad just like me and so I hope you join me. Because starting next month we have a lot to discuss.

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