Josh Gillespie's debut album "Make Something Happen Here". Coming soon!


Josh got his hands on the piano at age six and hasn’t stopped playing music since. He focuses on guitar, but also plays bass, mandolin, ukulele, drums, hand percussion, and–on rare occasions or under duress–the trumpet.

As the youngest of a very musical family, Josh cut his teeth on his older brother’s mix tapes, his dad’s symphony habit, 1990s rock radio, and his sister’s 1980s synthesizer hits. The opportunity to explore multiple generations of music yielded and interesting range of influence.

Based in Indianapolis, Josh serves as a utility player on church worship teams and is a co-founding member of the local rock band The Mud Creek Conservancy

He also hosts The Political Nomad a podcast dedicated to seeking a fresh perspective in politics. This podcast has had significantly influenced his upcoming album.

Josh’s debut album, Make Something Happen Here, drops in 2020.

The Political Nomad Podcast

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